Pentax Espio W (1993)


Type: 35mm fully automatic leaf-shutter camera with built-in zoom lens and auto flash

Film: Auto film speed setting with 35mm perforated DX-coded film with ISO rating from 25 to

3200 (1 EV step). Non-DX coded films are automatically set to ISOZ5

Format: 24x36mm (13x36 in panoramic format)

Film loading: Auto film loading. Closing the back cover will automatically wind the film to first exposure

Film winding: Auto film-winding: single-frame advance mode.

Film rewinding: Auto start at the end of roll. Auto stop upon completion of reminding. Rewinding time:

approx 20 sec. with 24-exposure film. Rewinding in mid-roll provided.

Frame number: Automatic readout of successive frame numbers in ascending order when shooting, and

descending order when rew-inding.

Lens: Pentax power zoom 28-56mm f/4.5-8 6 elements in 5 groups, Angle of view: 75°-42°.

Focusing system: Pentax infrared active autofocusingwithfocuslock Range:0.5m( 1.6ft)- infinity (Maximum

magnification approx. 1/8X), Infinity-landscape mode (focus is fixed to infinity).Easy Pic.
mode (focus is fixed at 2.8m)

Zooming: Electronic zoom

Shutter: Programmed AE electronic shutter with speeds approx. 1/300 sec. - l/4sec. Bulb: l/2sec -

10 min., Electromagnetic release

Self-timer: Electronic red lamp indication. Approx. 10-sec. delay with LED indication. Cancellation

after activation is possible.

Viewfinder: Actual image zoom viewfinder: 84% field-of-view ratio. Magnification: approx. 0.34X

(28mm)-0.6X(56mm), Diopter: -2.5 - +0.5D, AF frame, Picture frame. Close distance
compensation frame. Panoramic format picture area, Green lamp lighting: in-focus signal.
Green lamp blinking: close-distance warning. Red lamp lighting: Flash-ready status. Red
lamp blinking: Flash being charged.

Exposure control: Programmed auto-exposure control. Range. EV9.5-17 at 28mm, EV12-17 at 56mm in Auto

or Daylight-Synchro mode (ISO 100), EV6.5-17 in 28mm. EV8.0-I7 at 56mm in Slow-
Shutter-Speed mode.

+ 1.5EV
Exposure-meter switch:
The exposure meter is turned on by half depression of the shutter release button
Built-in zoom flash with red-eye reduction mode, Automatic flash emission in low-
Flash effective range:
luminanceorabacklight situation, Flash-ON=Daylight-Synchro/Slow-Shutter-SpeedSynchro
Flash recycling time:
(up to 1/4 sec.), Flash-OFF=Flash override, Bulb-Synchro=l/2sec.-10 min.

0.5-3.9m (28mm), 0.5-2.5m(56mm), (ISO 100 film used)

Approx. 5 sec. under Pentax testing conditions
Remote control:
Infrared wireless remote control, Step zooming at 56mm, 38mm and 28mm, Effective range:
5m from the front when projected from the camera's front.
Power source for Remote
One lithium battery CR1620 (replaced by the Pentax Service facility)
Size & weight for Remote
23.5(W)x68.5(L)x 15.0(D), 0.9"x2.7"x0.6", 15g (0.5oz.)
One 3V lithium battery (CR- 123A or the equivalent)
Battery life:
Approx. 15 rolls of 24 exposure film when 50% of shooting uses flash (under Pentax testing

appears on the LCD panel, Shutter is locked when the (a) is blinking
Crystal quartz controlled; LCD with digital clock, auto calendar
"Year, Month and Day", "Day, Hour and Minute" or blank
125.5(W)x69.5(H)x40.0(D)(4.9"x2.7"xl.6") 265grams, (9.3oz.) (without battery)
125.5(W)x69.5(H)x43.0(D)(4.9"x2.7"x 1.7") 275grams, (9.7oz.) (without battery)


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