Type: Fully automatic leaf-shutter compact camera with zoom lens and auto flash. (Automatic focusing,
automatic exposure control, automatic film-speed setting, automatic film loading, and automatic
film winding/rewinding.)

Film: 35mm perforated cartridge film. 24mm x 36mm format.

Lens: Pentax power zoom 38mm ~ 60mm f/4.5 ~ f/6.7; 6 elements in 5 groups.

Focusing system: Pentax infrared active automatic focusing system with focus-lock device.

Auto focusing ranges: 1m(3.3ft.) to infinity in ordinary shooting; 0.54m(1,8ft.) to 1m(3.3ft.) at MACRO.

Exposure control: Programmed automatic exposure control from EV 9.5 to EV 16.5 at WIDE, from
EV 10.5 to EV 16.5 at TELE and from EV 14 to EV 16.5 at MACRO (at ISO 100).

Shutter: Electronically programmed between-the-lens shutter with shutter speeds from approx. 1/250
sec. to 1/30 sec. Electro-magnetic release.

Viewfinder: Zoom finder with albada-bright frame. Automatic parallax compensation mechanism by
prism at MACRO. Picture area: 82%. Magnification: approx. 0.4X at WIDE and 0.6X at TELE
and MACRO. Information: picture frame mark, parallax compensation frame mark and auto-focus
frame mark.

External LCD indications: Exposure frame number, lens focal length, film winding/rewinding, ordinary-
shooting, macro shooting, daylight-sync flash and battery level.

Film loading: Automatic film loading with first-frame positioning.

Film winding: Automatic film winding.

Film rewinding: Automatic film rewind at end of roll. Automatic stop upon rewind completion.

Film-speed setting: Automatic film-speed setting with DX-coded film from ISO 50 to ISO 1600. (Fixed
setting at ISO 100 with non-DX-coded film and DX-coded film of ISO 25, ISO 32 and ISO 40.)

Flash: Built-in automatic discharge flash. Recycling time: approx. 3 sec. with fresh lithium battery.

Power source: One 6V lithium battery (CR-P2 or DL-223A).

Battery life: Approx. 125 rolls of 24-exposure film without flash; approx. 30 rolls of 24-exposure film
with flash used for 50% of shooting.

Dimensions: 135mm(W) x 73mm(H) x 57mm(D) (5.3" x 2.8" x 2.2")

Weight: 315g (11 oz.) without battery.

DATE model

Data-imprinting function: Selectable from five modes: day-month-year, month-day-year, year-month-

day, day-hour-minute, and "....." (no data). The power source: the 6V lithium battery that powers

the camera body.

Dimensions: 135mm(W) x 73mm(H> x 59mm(D) (5.3" x 2.9" x 2.3")

Weight: 325g (11.5 oz.) without battery.

Accessories for both models: Strap (standard) and soft case (optional).


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